Work & Play Can Co-Exist...the Secret to Employee Engagement

When the people you count on for profitability remove negative stress with learned skills, they reengage in the organization and elevate their production. What is that worth to you? Won’t you have less stress yourself with less negativity, stress, and pain around you?

In this time of changing work patterns, employees are trying to cope with not only the day-to-day grind but also those major unexpected (and expected) challenges—like whether they’ll be working remotely or back in the office, dealing with time zone issues, caring for family when there’s not enough help and more! 

When your employees have help easing their mental load and shift into a more positive and playful mindset, they work better and are more efficient.

According to Gallup, improving employee engagement strongly impacts the overall wellbeing of your business. Employee engagement was found to have the following effects:

               17% higher productivity

               21% higher profitability

               10% higher customer satisfaction

               41% lower absenteeism

               24% less turnover (in high-turnover organizations)

               59% less turnover (in low-turnover organizations)

               70% fewer safety incidents

               40% fewer defects and quality issues

Plus, nearly all of the respondents said that it was important that companies prioritize workers’ mental health.

This is where Playful Mind Project can help!

Giving your people programs like ours will affect your bottom line for the better! Statistically, the results of a commitment to employee well-being are notable, including:

Pretty cool, huh? Want to know how YOUR company employees can become more playful and productive?

See how we can shift YOUR company culture with this downloadable PDF.

Introducing the Playful Mind Project!

Be your team’s hero and take a major step for everyone to learn skills for a lifetime. Our holistic approach is proven and just waiting for you to introduce yourself to us. Some of the exciting aspects of our programs are:

All done with a BIG sense of PLAY!!

Play isn’t just an activity, it’s an attitude. Play is newness, a sense of flow, of being in the moment and having a sense of discovery and fun!  It’s a shift in viewpoint. Play sparks curiosity, curiosity sparks creativity and creativity bonds work and play!  It’s important to give your people the chance to short-circuit their stress and shift their attitudes to think clearly and productively.

Dr. Stuart Brown is a researcher and the founder of The National Institute for Play.  According to the good doctor, “When employees have the opportunity to play, they actually increase their productivity, engagement and morale.” It begs the question, why aren’t all companies insisting on more playtime at work? Dr. Brown goes on to say, “Not only does having a playful atmosphere attract young talent, but experts say play at work can boost creativity and productivity in people of all ages. There is good evidence that if you allow employees to engage in something they want to do, (which) is playful, there are better outcomes in terms of productivity and motivation.”

At Playful Mind Project, we specialize in countering the sedentary, soul-depleting nature of hybrid/remote work and shift these people from:


Embracing their inner-child & becoming more…

In the end, your employees are better able to handle all the “extras” on their plate and all your people are happier, more engaged, focused and less stressed – which ultimately results in greater productivity that you can see in your bottom line.

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