Purposeful Play

Why PLAY? Why Us? Why Now?

Jessica and I are experts in Play for better corporate culture.   Although we come at it from different angles, the endpoint is the same.  Because Play is not an industry (yet!), most people who have any kind of success in this area know or know about each other.  It’s how we first met!

Separately, we’ve both been rather good at helping people become more light-hearted and positive.  By bringing out their inner-child and shifting their outlook on life, we’ve helped both private citizens and corporate employees Play with Purpose.  One day, we started talking about our methods and successes. We loved how our viewpoints meshed and so the Playful Mind Project was born!

And then came 2020….

Life became shockingly different. As people started working from home,we saw that companies needed some help keeping their employees from over-stressing and feeling isolated.

Jessica, especially, was well aware that moms working from home were hit hardest when it came to the amount of stress and over-whelm they were experiencing.   After all, she’s a working mom with a young child.  Rona has a dog.  NOT the same thing! That’s why Jessica started Playful Mom Project.  It’s a free resource for those moms who need that “pat on the back/is anyone else going through this” environment. Check out the page above!

Now, as things return to a new way of being, our programs are morphing and helping companies with both work-from-home AND in-person employees

We base our business on Purposeful, Attuned Play.  There’s a method to our madness.  The exercises and games we share with our clients are well thought out and serve the purpose of keeping our client’s employees happy and present at work.  We attune with them, which means we FEEL their emotional energy and stress levels. Our “spidey senses” are picking up information about employees to know how and where to start working with them.

 As we start working with people, trust, vulnerability and comfort levels get higher. Clients get a DOSE of Play: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. These are feel-good hormones that boost the immune system, stabilize the nervous system, provide a more positive attitude and keep you in the present moment.

The present moment is the key to Purposeful Play. It’s the only way to be in a state of play that allows everyone involved to trust, be vulnerable and authentic. When we Play, we’re in the NOW. 

It’s impossible to Play when one is stressed. Try being cranky and silly at the same time.  Not happening! A de-stressed employee can then be more resilient, productive, patient and focused.

The feedback we’ve gotten has been fantastic!  Clients across the country who have worked with us have told us how much fun they’ve had. It’s new and different, gives their people a break from their whirlwind, crazy days, allows for better innovative thinking and makes them want to come back for more.  THAT’S why we do this.