Single 30 Minute Session



Has your self-care routine stopped working in this new normal?

Try just ONE single session -> A great way dip your toe in and see what Play-Care is all about!

Our time together will take you from stressed to silly, frantic to FUN, pissed off to PLAYFUL again! Using our special method of Attuned, Purposeful Play you’ll feel better afterwards, we promise!

Give us 30 Minutes and you’ll get:

  • 100% Customized Play-Care Session.
  • Self Care tailored to your needs, in your home, at a time that works for you!
    • We do nights, weekends, early mornings and LATE LATE nights after your kids are asleep!
  • After Play-Care Care…no, it’s not a typo. After your first session you will get “Home-Play” it’s not Home-Work it’s Home-Play -> customized PLAY! prescription to integrate into your life.
  • If you enjoy your first session and sign up for another one or the 5 Session pack, you get to GIVE one FREE Session to a friend in need!


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