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Our ongoing subscription not only gives you the best opportunity to keep your stress levels low, you’re also giving back!!  We’re donating one 30 minute session to a woman/mom in need for each month of your subscription!  Isn’t that awesome?! And, if you have someone you would like to gift one of your free sessions to, just let us know and we’ll send them a gift certificate from you! (They make perfect holiday gifts, too!)

So just what does a Shift Subscription Include?

  • 1 (30 min) session each week! -> that’s our BEST Deal $ for $ The savings are REAL!
  • Each session is different.  100% customized to your needs.  Working, scratch that, PLAYING with the same Stress-Shifter each session.  This allows you to build true relationship, intimacy, and care for one another.
  • After Play-Care Care…no it’s not a typo, your subscription comes with what we call “Home-Play” it’s not Home-Work it’s Home-Play -> customized PLAY! prescriptions to integrate into your week outside of your Play-Care session.  You’ll get tools, tips and games to keep getting your “Play” on!
  • You’ll be donating one 30 minute session to a woman/mom in need for each month of your subscription! It’s like Tom’s for Self Care! 
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community! We give you tips, ideas, videos, exclusive LIVE experiences and more.  And, it will be filled with others just like you. You’ll be able to share your own ideas and suggestions, and have a safe space to vent with others who “get” it.  Ahhhh…..don’t you feel better already? 


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