5-Session Starter Pack



Shifting stress is a process. We’ve seen the best results with a steady practice of Play to change mindsets and increase resilience.  Our 5 session starter package helps you get used to these changes to really see a difference.

Starter Pack Includes:

  • 5 (30 minute) Play-Care Sessions. To be used at your own pace.  We recommend booking weekly for best results, but this is a PLAY-AS-YOU-GO type thing. (Package expires within 6 months of first session)
  • Each session is different.  100% customized to your needs.  Working, scratch that, PLAYING with the same Stress-Shifter each session.  This allows you to build true relationship, intimacy, and care for one another.
  • After Play-Care Care…no it’s not a typo, the starter pack comes with what we call “Home-Play” it’s not Home-Work it’s Home-Play -> customized PLAY! prescriptions to integrate into your week outside of your Play-Care session.  You’ll get tools, tips and games to start really getting your “Play” on!
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community! (For the length of your package and/or through your Shift Subscription)
  • You’ll see for yourself all the possibilities and want to sign up for our Shift Subscription after taking the leap with these first five!


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