Our Method

This is our secret sauce-our unique 5 step process shifts you to a more positive mindset. Everything we do with your employees flows through P.L.A.Y!

P=Psychological Safety

Our programs focus on where your employees are emotionally, physically and mentally. This is key for all other steps. Doesn’t matter what role they play in the company, without it, your culture stagnates. We adjust to present moods and circumstances and shift fear into trust, which leads to higher engagement, bonding, and innovative ideas.



We get so caught up in our own agendas and which direction something should go, we tune out other’s opinions and insights. When you listen to understand, you can stay open to new ideas and viewpoints that can push business forward.

A=Attune and Apply

By now, everyone is in that state of FLOW that shifts thought processes. Through various modes of Purposeful Play, they’re gently guided and rise to the challenge, learning tips and tools, coming to the realization that connection and comradery equals great ideas! They find more positive ways to connect with others, pursue work demands and ease stress levels.


 Yes…AND…adds to the conversation without judgment, which allows for positivity and openness to change, whether its process, management or job responsibilities.   This is where conversation and debrief comes in, as we review our experience, assess current moods and assure understanding of what’s working and what needs adjusting. 

Exclamation Point!!

Ending on a high note is key to keeping that playful, uplifting vibe going once we release people back into the “wilds” of  ‘new normal’ daily life! We celebrate breakthroughs, inventive ideas and other cool things that came out of our time together.  We ensure they’re feeling optimistic and ready to tackle what’s ahead with trust, authenticity, and vulnerability—three things needed for better productivity and creativity.



The Science of Play

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it? But it’s a thing. Really!  There have been many researchers with many different theories about Play.  From Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (pronounced Me high/ Cheeks send me high), a Hungarian American psychologist and his outlook on Play and Flow to Dr. Stuart Brown, the founder of The National Institute of Play.


 We base our business on Purposeful, Attuned Play. This is Playful Mind Project’s Secret Sauce! This means playing certain games and activities for certain reasons at certain times. There’s a method to the madness that informs and motivates. When employees are having fun, they learn better and are more open to changes that improve their productivity. Playing the right game at the right time is key to effectiveness!