Welcome to Play-Care, the new self-care for the 'New Normal!'

Self-care CAN be emotionally fulfilling, uplifting AND fun.
Yes. Even now. 

Not feeling playful these days?
Same girl, SAME!

The good news is:
You don't have to 'feel playful' to play...
you can practice.
That's what we're here to help you do!

The times we are troubled or preoccupied are the times that play becomes most transformative.

And frankly, times suck right now, so what if we played it out? Tried on new things like playing dress up, practiced new tools & mindfulness exercises that are quick, easy, fun, and do-able even with a toddler or two!

Being a Mom is tough, being a Mom through Covid-19…even tougher.
Have you found yourself flipping your lid more than you’d like? 🤦‍♀️

Mindfulness might seem impossible right now with no separation of home/office/school etc, but you can’t count out mindfulness this year until you’ve practiced mindfulness through PLAY!

So start off for FREE by joining our 5 Day Mindfulness through Play Challenge below!

Who are we?

We’re two Female Play Experts who specialize in stress relief through purposeful, attuned play!


 We create a safe space that offers fun and interactive games and exercises using a combination of stress reduction tools including Improv, Breath-work, Laughter Yoga, wordplay, exercise and meditation to help alleviate that feeling of overwhelm, customized to fit YOUR needs! 

(Play YOUR way!)

When was the last time you REALLY felt free to laugh and enjoy yourself in the moment?  Gave yourself permission to play?  Our unique program helps you do just that. 

You’ll learn how to control the mind-clutter; stabilize your stress-load and pump-up the positivity to make you more resilient and calmer. We give you tools and tricks to get you through the week without pulling your hair out or diving into an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos while locked in the bathroom to get away from your kids!

Our Founders

Jessica Brustad

Co-Founder / Chair-Mom

  • Improv and Stand Up Comedian, 500 Hr RYT Yoga Instructor and Laughter Yoga Leader. (Yup, that’s right. She actually teaches people how to laugh!)
  • Our Resident Mom on the team. She’s worked with individuals struggling with various Mental Health issues (as well as worked on her own postpartum issues), corporate cultures and communities from California to Norway!
  • Professional Motivational Speaker. Reality TV Star. Former Cast Member of The National Comedy Theatre’s Sunday Company.
  • Her unique high energy style mixed with mindfulness will entertain, educate and motivate you towards wellness, balance and most of all–joy.

Rona Lewis

Co-Founder / CEO

  • Play Instigator and creativity coach with over 10 years consulting experience and 20 years of corporate experience. Professional speaker.
  • Loves dogs, fitness, art and artisan ice cream
  • Expert in Play for productivity and creativity, team building, brainstorming and getting out of your head. Has worked with over 50 companies in the United States.
  • Rapier wit, will charm the heck out of you while teaching you to flip your viewpoints of life to gain resilience and authenticity

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