Happy Belated Mother’s Day AND…

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Jessica and I want to wish all moms, future moms, grand-moms, dog-moms, cat-moms, etc, the absolute best.  Moms have had it tough this past year, especially those who have had to care-take various generations, along with getting work done for their employers.

I know Jessica has felt this, as her 20-month-old is incredibly active and her business partner (that would be me), is extremely achievement oriented. It was a recipe for exhaustion….as well as great progress.

And speaking of progress….Wayne Dyer said, “Progress and growth are impossible if you always do things the way you’ve always done them”. 

This leads me to our announcement of a change in how we’re doing business.  When we first started Playful Mind Project, our intention was to serve both consumers and business to business. We had it all planned out….doing both one-on-one sessions and larger programs for company employees, as well as doing keynotes, Workplayshops, consulting, etc.

It was a lot and as we’re growing PMP, we’re realizing we need to pick a lane. After much discussion, we decided to pivot to a primarily business focus.  Oh, there will be some one-on-one sessions within our larger programs, as well as a Mom-centered support group, (Called the Playful Mom Project) headed by our Chair-Mom, Jessica. That’s our way of giving back and showing we know what working moms are going through—their mental load is more than any of us child-less people can imagine. 

And we will, of course, be continuing to speak and facilitate for events wherever needed!  We love doing that. Playing with the audience is one of our superpowers!!

So, keep an eye out for changes to our website. These things take a little time and TLC. Re-writing, re-arranging…all that re-stuff that happens when you re-jigger a business is happening now. And Jessica and I are stoked! We hope you are, too. Amazing things are coming…..

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