About Us

Who are we?

Specializing in Purposeful and Attuned Play, we encourage creative thinking and team building for better productivity and bottom line profit. Our programs and workshops improve company culture and employee engagement producing a more resilient and happier staff.


We foster psychologically safe spaces  allowing employees the freedom to express themselves, be curious and share innovative ideas.  Your people feel better about where they work and what they do!

With the world in a state of flux, change is the only constant. Our experts work with organizational development, change management and employee engagement, easing their stress. Cultivating trust  in hybrid, remote and in-person teams is key for retention!

When was the last time you REALLY allowed yourself (or your employees) the chance to laugh and enjoy some fun that  the moment?  Gave yourself permission to play?  Our unique programs help you do that.


Our PLAY! Method

  • Programs customized for any time of day (or days)
  • Fun! 
  • Flips thought patterns to positivity and possibilities
  • Unique & Unconventional 
  • A DOSE of Play makes you feel fantastic! (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins)

See What Clients Say!

Our Playful Peeps

Rona Lewis

Rona champions the inner child! She is a play instigator and a pro in creativity and innovate thinking. She loves partnering with corporations, changing mindsets to ignite ideas and explode productivity and is a leading expert in team building and culture change.

Rona doesn’t believe in work/life balance. Work is part of life! So how do you balance it all? It’s about taking time to make time work for you. And above all, having an attitude of play that makes life an adventure, not a struggle.

Rona’s first career was in advertising sales, where her last position was as VP of Sales for a national media rep firm. She then changed careers and became a certified well-being coach. Add to that, certifications in innovation and creative thinking and her business built itself! Her background includes a degree in Advertising with a minor in Phys. Ed. from Penn State University, along with certifications from various fitness organizations and cooking schools. Her play and creativity prowess was helped along by schools such as Yale, University of Minnesota and The State University of New York.  Trust us–she knows her stuff!!

As an expert, she’s been a guest on TV and radio shows from San Francisco to New York. Her articles have been featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine, Town and Country Magazine, New York’s Pierless Magazine and more.

Jessica Brustad

Improv and Stand Up Comedian, 500 Hr RYT Yoga Instructor and Laughter Yoga Leader. (Yup, that’s right. She actually teaches people how to laugh!) Professional Motivational Speaker, Reality TV Star, and Former Member of The National Comedy Theatre’s Sunday Company. 

Experienced sales and project manager who now helps adults find mindfulness and healing through PLAY! Jessica earned her stripes in the corporate world early, with managing positions from start-ups in NYC to household names like Myspace. After taking an Improv class in LA she quickly realized the corporate world was not for her (or maybe the corporate world wasn’t ready for her?) Play had to take center stage.

She continued to pursue her joy, which included studying Improv and Stand Up Comedy at Mission Improvable in Los Angeles and The National Comedy Theatre in San Diego. She received her 500 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through YogaWorks at the Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA and became a certified Laughter Yoga Leader through the International Laughter Yoga University.  Her passion is to help those suffering find relief by connecting & committing to their joy.

She has worked with individuals struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, OCD and Postpartum Mood Disorders.  She has helped companies like Google and Microsoft improve their cultures through her original style and mindfulness programs, as well as transformed communities from California to Norway! Skol!

Jeffrey Hansler Consultant

Jeffrey Hansler, CSP, CMP is our organizational and business development expert. If you are considering large and complex initiatives with your business (and public) development activities, he’s your man. He has worked in a myriad of fields, including healthcare, skilled trade unions, law enforcement, and even at the White House.

Jeffrey is an expert at innovative and organizational development, leadership, and persuasive communication, which includes skills of innovation, influence, negotiation, sales, body language, micro-expressions, finance, and authority. Play is an integral component of change in every situation and has proven valuable with artificial intelligence initiatives.

Author of “Sell Little Red Hen! Sell!” and numerous articles, he served as president for the Association for Talent Development chapter of Orange County and board member for NAUI International. He currently serves as executive board member for two privately held California Corporations. He received the Belisle Leadership Award from ATD-OC in 2015 and Award of Merit in 2020.

His skills include coaching, consulting, and persuasive communication skills. His leadership and management experience includes strategy, creativity, innovation, finance, emotional intelligence, assessment, and communication models. His persuasive skills include the expertise of influence, negotiation, decision-making, neuroscience, and authority.