“When employees have the opportunity to play, they actually increase their productivity, engagement and morale." -Dr. Stuart Brown

The culture of business needs to change if employers want the best from their employees. You want your people to work smarter, not harder. It’s about keeping them happy and that means letting them PLAY! Play isn’t just an activity, it’s an attitude.

As adults we lose the ability to play, to see the world through a child’s eyes, with wonder and newness. When you’re working with others, play facilitates trust and creativity and keeps people engaged and happy.

Purposeful Play is Playful Mind Project’s secret sauce! This means playing certain games and activities for certain reasons at certain times, whether it’s during a keynote, breakout session or ongoing program. Our method of facilitating and sharing our expertise allows for curiosity, wonder and creative thinking. This is the key to effective learning.  When employees are having fun, they learn better and are more open to changes that improve their productivity. 

Play is backed by research and is necessary for ideation, team building and giving employees back their “ooomph!” It encourages brainstorming and interaction, facilitates trust and builds a closer knit company culture.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!  What’s that worth to your company? Won’t you and your HR department have less stress with happier employees?

Shift Your Culture!

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