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A new approach to
Self Care & Corporate Wellbeing.

Are life and work changes stressing you out? Tired of Remote Work, Remote Learning, Remote Control Entertainment??? Overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time? Yeah, us too. 
 That’s why we create unique programs for individuals and  companies that give you permission to play with your stress! Clients learn how to control mind-clutter; stabilize stress-loads and pump-up the positivity to make you more resilient and calmer. We give you tools and exercises to get you through the week without pulling your hair out or diving into an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos while hiding under a blanket on your sofa!
Self-Care CAN be emotionally fulfilling, uplifting AND fun. Yes. Even now.  Our Stress Shifters will attune to your needs and help you find balance, with a few laughs thrown in!

Shift Yourself

Welcome! We’re here to take care of all of you who take care of everything but YOU. From work-from-home women to corporate bigwigs , we understand no matter where you are on that spectrum, YOU ARE WORKING FULL TIME. And we don’t mean 9-5, we know your day is SO much more than that!

We also know you need a break. So give us 30 minutes and we promise we’ll shift your stress and create a lasting, positive, playful mindset that will help you manage anything life throws at you! Change is hard, it’s also unavoidable. So when the inevitable Shifts Happen, you’ll be ready because you’ve already practiced making Shift Happen!

You’ll enjoy time for yourself where you’ll shift into silly, shift into serene and get shift done!

You don’t need to change, you just need a shift. That’s why we’re here. Make the shift with our intro package —> 5 Play-Care sessions for $250. That’s 15% off our single Play-Care rate!

Shift Your Work

One of our main missions at the Playful Mind Project is making sure everyone working from home is healthy and knows how to deal with their “more than average” amount of stress.

HOWEVER, that does not mean you should have to do this on your own.  Oh no!  We believe the companies you work for can benefit from happier, healthier employees, and it is their responsibility to be a part of the solution. 

Companies who care about their culture no matter where their employees are located physically, know they need a new approach to corporate wellness programs.  Ping pong tables and team happy hours haven’t really been cutting it for years, and without the ability to even have said ping pong table…or a break room for that matter, what’s an HR Manager to do?  

If your Company cares about their employees happiness,  lowered stress levels and it’s bottom line, now more than ever you need to Shift! 

Shift Your Family

THIS is for the Moms out there!! Mamas are Super-Hero strong and everyone in your family knows it…yet do you sometimes feel by doing so you’re adding to the problem? 

How can we expect our kids to grow up as enlightened and empathetic beings if we show them that Moms have to do it all? Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.  We have to start teaching our kids about things like self-care, boundaries, respect, and start shifting the idea of what it means to be Mom. Taking care of yourself shows them the importance of YOU time! 

Working Moms have been hit the hardest through this “New Normal.” How are we supposed to parent through a pandemic? Playful Parenting is NOT what you think it is…this is NOT for your kids, it’s for you.  It’s not family time, it’s YOU time! Time to fill up your cup and shift your mindset into playful positive problem solving super-powers that will not only transform you, they’ll transform your entire Household.

Shift Your Relationships

There are many kinds of relationships – romantic, business, parental, friendship, etc.  Any and all of them are affected by your levels of stress and how you feel about yourself.

More and more, the American Dream requires a double income family. We understand you and we see how your mental load affects how you communicate.  We strive to change how you feel about yourself, so that everyone in your life sees you and hears you.

Trust, vulnerability, communication, and respect are keys to effective relationships.  Our playful, productive sessions allow you to find comfort in the uncomfortable conversations, (whether that’s with your Partner or your Manager,) so you can get the help you need (or just be heard) when you need it! 

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